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Oct 03, 2006 · If the apex angle is 90 degrees, the inverted vee will require approximately 70 percent of the ground space needed by the flat dipole. Since an 80 meter dipole is approximately 130 feet long, and a 160 meter dipole is approximately 250 feet long, this space reduction can be critical in getting the antenna to fit into our typical backyards.

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1:1 Current Balun Kit (1000-Watt PEP, 160-6 Meters) Model BA-1-1000 is a 1:1 balun kit used to translate a 50 ohm unbalanced input to 50 ohms unbalanced at power levels up to 1000 watts PEP/250 watts continuous when used with a matched load. With a matched load the SWR will not exceed 1.5 over the […]

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For RG-213/U coax, about one foot of 5 inch size pipe is needed for a 1.8MHz to 30MHz balun. For 3.5MHz to 30MHz coverage, about 18 to 21 feet of coax is needed. This length of coax is also adequate for most applications on 1.8MHz. 18 to 21 feet should cover all of 160 through 10 meters.

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Figure 4 shows a choke which I built for use on 160m. The choke is wound on a section of 8" PVC pipe. The actual diameter at the winding center is just under 9". There are a total of 29 turns of RG213 coax for a total length of 72' including tails.

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Oct 03, 2006 · If the apex angle is 90 degrees, the inverted vee will require approximately 70 percent of the ground space needed by the flat dipole. Since an 80 meter dipole is approximately 130 feet long, and a 160 meter dipole is approximately 250 feet long, this space reduction can be critical in getting the antenna to fit into our typical backyards.

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I sellgood quality, butinexpensive, choke baluns and line isolatorson E-Bay if you need one. The choke balun is E-bay item number 170660393454. The line isolator is E-Bay item number 141209547404 *Buya choke balun or line isolator along with your "QSO-KING " antenna and we will ship the choke balun or line isolator for $2.00 shipping charge!!!

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Jan 23, 2020 - Explore David Ogawa's board "Antenna, Balun" on Pinterest. See more ideas about antenna, ham radio antenna, ham radio.

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Many of the RG400 designs provide very high choking impedance on both 160 and 80M, while a few of the #12 Teflon NM/THHN designs provide at least 10KΩ on 160M and at least 7KΩ on 80M. Table 2 – Choke Cookbook For Chokes Wound on a Single #31 2.4 in o.d. Toroid.

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160-10M 1:1 BALUN 1.5KW The 1:1 balun is used in an antenna system that has, at its feepoint, a 50-75ohm impedance. Typical antennas in this realm are the Dipole, Inverted "V", and Inverted "L". Typical antennas in this realm are the Dipole, Inverted "V", and Inverted "L".

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BL 6-160-5KW-B . The Hy Power BL 6-160-5KW-B is a high power, 1:1 current / choke beam balun for 160 through 6 meters. It has an SO239 connector to accept your coax. The balun is meant to be mounted horizontally on the boom of the yagi. Two UV mounting ties are included. This very efficient balun uses less lossy ferrite than most other baluns.

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Get rid of the balun and you will do OK with a stan­dard dipole on your fa­vorite fre­quen­cies. Let the coax ra­di­ate if it choos­es, or add a choke balun made of a coil of coax; at least you are gett­ing RF in­stead of heat. But I like all modes, and I do not like slow QSY.

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RF Choke 1:1 Balun – dual core ferrite toroids. If your country is outside the European Union (EU) ... 160 meters - 1.8 MHz (1) 80 meters - 3.5 MHz (2)

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This type of choke is known as the W2DU, or "Maxwell" choke. It is sometimes called a W2DU balun. It is simply a string of ferrite beads over the coax, and then typically covered with heat shrink tubing to keep the beads in place and weather-proofed. The advantage is, this is very simple to build.

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The W2DU is the preferred Balun of Amateurs worldwide. W2DU’s operate at a low VSWR from 1.8 to 30 mHz, W2DU Baluns use a ferrite sleeve to choke RF current on the cable shield! The W2DU Maxi-Baluns owe their extremely high power capability to the fact that they contain no ferrite cores to saturate.

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Mar 01, 2013 · Voltage Balun. V or U Quagi. 2M Square Dipole Construction. 4 to 1 Balun. A 9 Element 2M Yagi. 5 Band Hexbeam. 70cm Ruslan Yagi. A Choke Balun for 160M to 10M. Another Windom Balun. Make a 2 kW Windom Balun. February (8) 2011 (3) February (3) 2010 (9) May (3) April (1)

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The coil winding must not be placed against a conductor. The name of this simple but effective device is a choke-balun. Some people build choke-baluns, without a plastic coil-form, by scramble-winding the coax into a coil and taping it together. The problem with scramble-winding is that the first and last turns of the coax may touch each other.

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However, most commercially available common mode chokes only provide a fairly low (<1000 ohms) impedance at 160m. After consulting the Common-mode chokes chart by G3TXQ, I decided to wind my own choke balun from 15 turns of thin coax on an FT240-43 core. This should provide a common mode impedance of around 4000 ohms on the 160m band, while ...

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Antenna is home brew 160-10 Meters Flat Top - 160 feet long fed with Ladder line and an Ugly Balun Choke, Buckmaster OCF 80-10, G5RV (sri Bob K1HSN it works) and a Hustler 4BTV 4-Band HF Vertical Antenna. FT-102 complete station and a Heathkit SB-220 Amp for most bands (minus WARC for the amp)

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